“We provide investors with the opportunity to participate in one of the most rewarding and tax-efficient market sectors in the UK investment arena”

As with all investments, your capital is at risk

Sentient Capital London – Tax Efficient Investments

Sentient Capital London Ltd was formed with the dual purpose of opening up the world of high quality private equity deals to suitable investors and to provide funding options to high quality growth opportunities that meet our stringent requirements. Therefore becoming a ‘one stop shop’ matching Corporate clients with like minded investors and vice versa. Find out more >

Tax Efficient Capital Growth Products

Enterprise Investment Scheme [EIS]

A Government backed incentive scheme that offers a multitude of tax breaks to qualifying UK taxpayers. These are numerous and cover everything from CGT exemption and deferral to loss relief that protects your downside with a guaranteed safety net through to Income tax relief at the point of entry. EIS companies will normally also qualify for IHT exemption after the qualifying period. Click here to find out more about the scheme >


These are investments that are at a stage where they will be ready to list on a market within a 3-12 month period normally. They are by definition later stage and should be far more developed but not necessarily producing revenue. Click here to find out more about Pre IPO >