Drag App turns Gmail into an organized inbox instantly. It uses a proven task management layout called Kanban, improving the productivity of email management with simple drag ‘n’ drop functionality.

Drag has 31,000 active users, across 207 countries using Drag every day. More than 500 new users are joining Drag daily and 69% are sticking around. 1.13% are paying since the launch of a revenue model three months ago.

Teams at Uber, AirBnB, Spotify and Netflix have installed Drag.

Drag was featured by Google as 1 of the selected Chrome extensions worldwide, twice. It is the view of the Director that Drag will be the first to offer productivity, collaboration and customized workflows inside Email.

Drag is offering Shares for purchase to raise up to a minimum aggregate of £600,000 with a price per share of £2.63. The money is exclusively for growth.

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