The NAC Group is a product design and manufacturing business operating in the general industrial products and construction sector.

The group was set up in order to capitalise on quality and supply gaps in the industrial marketplace. Management noted that products catering to builders, maintenance workers and the general industrial sector were often not specific for the task, and that this meant that tradesmen had to make do with poor quality products or create their own adaptations. Consistently poor innovation and design and attempts to provide ever-cheaper products have caused a number of commonly used industrial consumables to be ineffective and of poor quality.

NAC has focused on this gap in the market, developing a range of products utilising its extensive proprietary knowledge. These products are either manufactured at its facility in Bletchley or manufactured utilising existing large-scale UK, European or North American lines. The products are taken to market both as own brands or OEM for other brands. The company has put IP protection in place for its markets, both domestic and abroad.

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