Fedr8 – The Digital Transformation Company provides an investor update

Date: 07.08.2017

fedr8The Digital Transformation Company

Fedr8, the Gartner cool vendor, provides an update to investors

Background to Fedr8

Fedr8 has developed, over several years, a software solution that automates static source code analysis. This software uses machine learning engines to uncover the technical DNA of software applications that it analyses. This machine learning analysis helps solve one of the largest inhibitors to enterprise adoption of the Cloud which is legacy application modernisation.

As Digital Transformation comes to the fore in the enterprise these companies face a major challenge to modernise their existing applications. Gartner, one of the Global research companies, estimates this Cloud market will grow to $383B by 2020 fuelled by transformational technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

This shift to Cloud and agile development practices is one of the most pressing problems for IT departments within the world’s largest companies. Fedr8’s software delivers the required business case information that allows them to make the right financial and technical decisions about their applications the numbers of which typically run into the tens of thousands.

Since 2014 Fedr8 has raised £1.325m through the issue of new shares as it has developed and tested its machine learning software and the market in which it hopes to sell into. This development and customer-testing phase is now at an end and Fedr8 expects to launch its commercial product, Green Rain, in the first week of September 2017.

Highlights of the last 6 months:

  • Launch of the Enterprise Partner Programme
  • Completion of multiple paid for beta trails and proof of concepts with some major brand names.
  • Validation of the Fedr8 machine learning engine
  • Energising the customer experience using flexible and intuitive Business Intelligence platforms
  • Change to the deployment process to make it easier to deploy across multiple customers simultaneously
  • Green Rain product to be launched during the first week of September, offering a more tailored solution to individual customer needs. Added key functionality for Microsoft & Docker the containerisation platform
  • Data delivered in a modular way to suit the specific use cases for enterprise customers with both Cloud and containerisation taking centre stage
  • Mike Welling ex-CEO AppDNA has taken on product ownership and the development team

Partner programme launch

Fedr8, is pleased to announce that its Enterprise Partner Programme has been launched and that it has signed its first partners which include Microsoft, Red Hat and Docker. The Fedr8 Enterprise Partner Programme is open to Partners working with multinational companies of global scale.

Further partner contracts to support our partners preferred delivery of Fedr8’s analytics suite are currently with other potential partners legal teams and Fedr8 expects to sign up further major partners over the coming weeks and months.

Technical validation

The efficacy of the Fedr8 machine learning platform has been validated with trials with major multinational end user customers on commercial terms. Through this process it became clear to scale the business effectively we must adapt our delivery mechanism to suit our major partners’ desired hosting solutions.

As Fedr8 has showcased its Green Rain product to these Global System Integrators and enterprise end user customers it has become clear that there will be 3 separate delivery models for the software:

1. Via the Fedr8 SaaS (software as a service) delivered Cloud based platform

2. Via a private enterprise subscription to a Cloud provider

3. As an on-premise solution that sits behind the customer or partners’ private firewalls

The present engineering team and engineering resource needs to be expanded to deliver to our partners a scalable private instance or private cloud environments. This development resource and development roadmap has delayed major sales as we develop a robust and scalable mechanism for implementation and support of the very largest partners and their customers. Commercial discussions will be re-started with the major companies and partners who have been testing and helping with the re-development and launch of the new Green Rain product in September.

Alignment with Microsoft

In the past 12 months Microsoft has changed its cloud native Azure focus, this strategic change has made Microsoft more relevant and extensible with other technologies and cloud platforms. As a result, Fedr8 has made a strategic decision to embed and integrate with a number of Microsoft technologies in order to deliver greater value and better experience to our clients and have greater relevance to our partner Microsoft. The flexibility and capabilities of the presentation layer to both the customer and to the Fedr8 engineering team will give us the scalability to deliver results that are deeper and more meaningful to our clients.

The partnership with Microsoft will offer additional opportunities to deliver more value with integration to Microsoft developer tools and the opportunity to deliver the Fedr8 software via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace offering Fedr8 a significant ability to address a large global market.


Related to the Microsoft partnership is the development of a partnership with Docker the Enterprise Container company. Docker have recently introduced a subscription based Enterprise Edition of their software making it more attractive to the larger Enterprises and the sort of organisations that Fedr8 deal with, in turn they have built a strategic relationship with Microsoft to deliver their Container technology from Windows based servers and via Azure. As part of the ongoing development of the Fedr8 software we are developing specific application insights to help customers adopt Containers.

Mike Welling and Launch of Green Rain

The functionality and performance enhancements of Green Rain have been driven from detailed feedback from our early adopter customers and proof of concept trials. These trials did not develop into major commercial recurring revenue contracts but all the customers and trialists asked for either more granularity of analysis or for new elements to be added to the functionality of the Fedr8 suite. Mike Welling has come into the business to deliver to the potential customers the product they want. The current baseline performance improvements have increased application run time through the Fedr8 system by 70% on the largest and most complex applications. Using the new technical architecture Fedr8 is now confident that it can deliver actionable outputs quickly across hundreds of concurrent applications.

The Board is now confident it can return to sales conversations with partners and customers and deliver against customer expectations.


Damion Greef, CEO

Tel. 07823328816

Email. info@fedr8.com

Notes to editors:

Fedr8’s software solves one of the major IT problems in the world today: How does a major international company move to the cloud and capitalize on the efficiencies and economies that the cloud brings? The shift to cloud technologies and the digital transformation projects undertaken by large enterprise organizations pose many challenges, there are the unknown figures relating to cost and time for migration or transformation. In addition, there are unknown risks relating to relocating or changing the applications that support their businesses. Fedr8 reduces the risk in legacy software applications, identifies the most appropriate cloud to move to, accelerating the application analysis by 90% whilst significantly reducing the costs by 50%.

Fedr8 solves this problem using it’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine which interrogates software at a code level allowing the code in that software to be changed to suit the major cloud companies’ cloud platforms. 50% of enterprise organizations have over 500 software applications written in multiple programming languages across their global estates. This Enterprise is Fedr8’s primary market. Fedr8 are in the business of digital transformation to enable Enterprise businesses to optimize technology advancements. Our mission is to support our customers in embracing the business benefits of the adoption of the Digital Economies through accelerated adoption of Cloud Environments. 



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